An Open Letter to Tegan Quin


An Open Letter to Tegan Quin

Written: 10/20/2011

The following blog is an open letter to Tegan R Quin of Tegan and Sara. If you haven't heard Tegan and Sara yet please visit You will be glad you did.

Hi Tegan,

My name is John McManus and I am a singer-songwriter/indie artist who is releasing my third album 613 on Realize Records on November 1st. I am writing you this letter to tell you what your music has meant to me and how it has influenced me.

I first heard you and Sara when you opened for Ryan Adams in Upper Darby, PA. I was intrigued by your music and harmonies and amused by your banter - you and Sara were talking about your cats. It was on that night that I decided I would follow your music. I bought If It Was You and liked it and So Jealous and really like that album too.

When The Con came out it all changed for me. I bought the version with The Con Film and very much enjoyed that and seeing the process of you making that record, the Forest Fone calls, and the like. The Con as an album was a great change for you and Sara and the album particularly got me more interested in your songs. Your emotions are all over that record and I was really drawn to "The Con"-- whose video made me think you could be an actress-"Hop a Plane", "Soil Soil" and "Call it Off". In "Call it Off" you sound emotionally shattered the way you sung the song and the lyrics. During that time I was working on my second album The Belle Sessions - which was a heartbreak record - and your work on The Con informed my album.

I felt the positive vibe you talked about with Sainthood - that being a good person and a role model is what you should strive for in life. I have a song called "Rolestar" on my new album that expresses that sentiment.

"Someday" was a song I could relate to especially now with getting serious about my career and signing to a label and that the song talks about being patient and you don't have to accomplish everything today. Sainthood is quite possibly your best work and I enjoy all the songs on the album and it's my favorite Tegan and Sara album.

Believe me when I say Tegan that you are a great inspiration. You are a hard working 31-year-old artist (I am 32) and you pour your passion into your writing and performing. You have always been gracious to us fans and I feel appreciated by you for being a fan.

I wonder what advice you would have for someone at the beginning phase in their career as a signed artist and what you Have learned about life on the road?

Partly because of Tegan and Sara I have become interested and passionate about gay rights and issues. I have a deep personal belief in equality for all.

I have made many friends being a Tegan and Sara fan but I want to tell you about one in particular. Her name is Sarah and she is a 20 year old lesbian who lives in Ridgeway, Ontario (near Niagara Falls). She liked a comment I made on Quintwinism (a Tegan and Sara Facebook fan page) in May and we became fast friends. We talk on Skype about just about everything and of course Tegan and Sara too. She wanted me to thank you for being such a great musician and role model and I want to thank you for indirectly introducing me to someone I hold as a dear friend.

In closing I wish you all the best with Warner Brothers and I am looking forward to the new album.

Be well Tegan.

Love it to Life,
John McManus

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