Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter Finds His Home

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9/27/2011-Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter Finds His Home

Realize Records announced today that they have signed a deal with singer/songwriter John McManus to release his new CD titled “613”. The CD was recorded in Philadelphia and produced by Realize Records recording artist Paul Lewis who brought the music to the label. “613” is scheduled for release on November 1st 2011.   
After signing a production deal in early 2010 with Unicity Productions, as the team was searching for the right producer and home for his project, one of John’s songs was chosen by Realize Records to be featured on one of their artists upcoming CDs. “The Platform of Our Lives” was chosen as the first single on Paul Lewis’ upcoming 2011 release. “We are always looking for original artists and John is one in his own right. John tells great stories through his songs in a poetic Dylanesque type of way. After hearing that song we went back and revisited his other submissions.” States label CEO Michel Grey.

The songwriter had submitted several songs to the label which fell into Lewis’ hands. Lewis says, “When I heard John’s songs, I had an instant connection to them. I wanted the music to compliment the story quality of his lyrics and strengthen the melodies; I believe we have done just that.” After recording the CD, Lewis approached the label about releasing the project. The label began talks with the artist after hearing 613 and reached a deal. McManus states, “I signed to Realize Records because they are an artist-centered label who is committed to developing their artists.  I have known many of the staff and artists on the label for quite a while and I look forward to developing my career as a Realize Records’ artist.”

“613” recalls the energy of early R.E.M. and The Monkees with a taste of an Elliot Smith/Dylan type vocal. “613 allowed me to document happenings in my life over the past few years and what is important to me --- universal themes of finding love, needing love and remembering that it is important to be a good person.  I am very pleased with how 613 came out and proud to have worked with everyone who was involved with the project.” says John.  The first single from the forthcoming CD titled “Pilot Me Home” is currently available as a free download on the John McManus website.

Currently John is gearing up for the release of 613 in early November. Along with the CD release party, John will be performing in select cities and venues throughout the Mid-Atlantic beginning in November. To find out more about John McManus, his upcoming release and tour dates, you can visit